Our Services, Admission & Discharge Criteria

Mental illness is not a weak spot, but folks who suffer from it regularly see themselves as weak or less than. This makes it even extra tough for a person to confess that he or she is stricken by intellectual fitness issues to everybody, inclusive of circle of relatives, friends, a physician, or even him or herself.

Having a situation which makes doing any type of assignment tough although it’s just speaking to a person in communicate therapy.

It can be difficult taking the initiative to seek treatment.

Having help from different individuals who’ve struggled with similar issues is an extraordinary resource of know-how, self-reflection, and understanding that they're not alone.

Our Service Includes

  • 24-hour care with BHT Tech or RN
  • Three nutritional meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) created via our registered dieticians
  • Daily snacks
  • Laundry, home tasks. pool service and Landscaping
  • Personal lockers
  • Medication administered along with the management of medication administration
  • Scheduling of health services, appointments and transportation
  • Managing skills of signs and symptoms and signs
  • Therapeutic counseling and treatment
  • Daily Activities
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • TV's in rooms and common areas
  • Semiprivate rooms and private rooms.

Admission Criteria

The program for all newcomers will be based on their ability to participate voluntarily and benefit from the services we offer. If you or your family member meets the admission criteria listed below, please call us.  We are ready to discuss our treatment program and began the healing and growth work.

Please review our list of Admission Criteria:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Diagnosed as having a mental illness
  • Ability to self-administer medications under the staff supervision
  • Ability to participate in treatment programming and services
  • No medical conditions that requires ongoing nursing care 24/7
  • Maintains personal hygiene and grooming with staff supervision
  • Can perform assigned household chores with staff supervision
  • Performs assigned household chores with and without staff supervision
  • Can maintain cleanliness of shared bedroom/bathroom space

Upon admission into our treatment program, residents will go through the first phase which is considered the
assessment period. During this time the following will take place with the resident:

  • Introduction of staff, tour of site, Q/A
  • Observation based on behavioral need
  • Treatment Plan completed
  • Assigned a primary therapist
  • Family contact for psychosocial information
  • Daily group therapy
  • Vitals and weight taken
  • Stabilization
  • Medication assessment
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Any lab work requested by a psychiatrist
  • Updated physical exam, if not current

Discharge Criteria

  • Loss of authorization from the payer or inability to pay for services. AMS Living will work with other facilities to refer the resident.
  • The patient no longer benefits from or needs the program and its services. Has gained independence and has properly completed treatment.
  • Self-determination of any resident who is not under a court order or guardianship to terminate from the program
  • Achieves the goals as measured by the resident, determined by the behavioral health professional and Registered Nurse.
  • Attending to ADL’s, compliant with medication regimen, understands and demonstrates when behavioral services are needed, and maintains physical and psychological functioning.
  • Requiring a higher level of care.
  • The deterioration in an individual’s physical or psychological condition requiring specific services not available through AMS Living.
  • Disruptive and inappropriate behavior by the individual that poses a significant risk or danger to the well-being of self or others.

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